About Mother Hurt

Mother Hurt is a site dedicated to healthy life creation for all those persons impacted by the horror that is Munchausen by Proxy Child Abuse.

Nerthus is my blogonym and I am an adult Munchausen by Proxy child abuse survivor. I first had a counselor suggest MSBP as the peculiar frame of reference within which my mother functioned in the mid-1990s. It took me well over 5 years to come to terms with that and internalize the fact that my mother allowed and in fact encouraged unneeded medical testing and procedures be carried out on me from the time I was 6 years old until I was 14 years old. The realization that I was abused by my mother as a child and that I was complicit in her actions rather than the erroneous web of family lies I had come to believe about my childhood allowed me to successfully refocus and continue developing a healthy life path even though I have lived with depression since I was a teenager. 

This blog is about sharing what I have learned about MSBP and about walking a healthy life path as daughter, mother, wife, employee, writer, social scientist, and world citizen.